St. Augustine, FL-Day 1

On the road to completing our goal of visiting all fifty states we needed to visit Florida. We have long wanted to visit Key West, but the length of the drive and overall cost of the trip dissuaded us. We stumbled upon St. Augustine while browsing the web. Upon learning that St. Augustine is America’s…

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Oconee State Park, SC-Day 4

It’s always sad for us leaving a place that we enjoy. Some places you just get attached to, they become a part of you and Oconee proved to be one of those places. We were in no hurry to leave whatsoever. Again we made coffee, cooked sausage and eggs for breakfast, and ate out on…

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Oconee State Park, SC-Day 3

The second morning in the cabin began much the same way as the first. Tiny bugs again danced on the water creating a brilliant shimmering effect. Sounds of bull frogs and song birds filled the air. Cool mountain air filled our lungs as we sat on the porch, enjoying coffee and breakfast. This area of…

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Oconee State Park, SC-Day 1

We chose to travel to the rural northwest corner of South Carolina based on research we did online. This area had lots of state parks, lakes and waterfalls which we found very appealing. Reservations for our cabin were made after comparing different state park lodging in the area. Being “peak season” we had to find…

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