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Neon tube sign

Hello again! I love to watch tutorials on YouTube, especially ones that relate to Adobe Illustrator.  Today, I followed along with Vector Slate and created my own neon sign! (Along with a new brush)  It was pretty straight-forward and it took me less than 30 minutes to complete. Here is the tutorial—>How to create neon tubes in…

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DC #7: 80’s cover band

Theme:  Design a poster for a 80’s cover band for a local venue. (I made one up.  Thanks to my husband for the idea this week!) Programs used:  Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Images:  Creative Commons and Pexel. Font: Philly Sans and Kabel Black I had fun once again creating this poster!  It didn’t turn out how I envisioned…

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Hey, what happened to…

…your design challenges? Never fear!  I am still doing them, just not posting up what I am and will be doing every Monday.  I have gotten into a rhythm of writing my book and working on projects, projects for the future in my personal life, as well as looking for freelance jobs and/or working on…

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Watercolor textures

Hey there! Below is a quick, fun illustration that I created using this tutorial, Watercolor texture by Becky Kinkead.  I found it while browsing Pinterest not too long ago and I wanted to give it a try. It’s sooooo simple! First, I searched for an image on Creative Commons images.  Just pick whatever stands out to…

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Week 6 design challenge: COMPLETE!

Project:  Create a retro 1980s themed poster. Program used:  Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Color palette:  Inspired from COOLORS Images:  Creative Commons Font:  Almaq Refined and Myrid Pro Regular. This project was a lot of fun and I can see myself designing more retro-themed posters for future projects! Thanks for looking and see you next week!

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Week 6 Design Challenge: 1980s

You know what trend that I love that has come back recently? Typography & designs from the 1980s. I have been pinning away on Pinterest things that relate to this decade.  The colors are what draw me towards this trend and hey, it’s nostalgic since I was born during this time period (oh lord, I’m old)…

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