New England Trip!

Hello all!

I am a graphic design with wanderlust, and boy was it bad!  We hadn’t taken a road trip for quite some time and took advantage of me graduating from college to do it.  I attended Southern New Hampshire University located Manchester, New Hampshire online and completed my degree in December of last year.

This was the perfect time to add a few more states that we had never been to our list!

We left Thursday evening, after dinner.  After dropping off Tanner at the kennel (big tears) we headed north to our first stop, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

After having a 5 star Michelin hotel breakfast (sarcasm) Friday morning, we started heading to our next destination, Concord, New Hampshire.  But not until we stopped to see the famous Wilkes-Barre Brown Cow.

We passed through a small corner of New York state, then onto Connecticut.

Let me tell you about Connecticut.

As soon as we passed the state line, traffic came to a standstill.  Accidents, construction, you name it, we dealt with it.

We are NOT a fan of Connecticut now.

After the 1 billion hours it took us to go through that horrible state, we made it to our next destination, The Purple Cat Winery in Chepachet, Rhode Island.


They had just opened when we walked in, so it was pretty empty.  We did a tasting of about 10 wines ($9 for a tasting) and both enjoyed their rose.  So we picked a bottle up and went on our way.


Then I found a tick in my hair over the border to Massachusetts and decided that I didn’t like that state either.

Then onto New Hampshire!


We made a pit stop to one their awesome Liquor & Wine Outlets to pick up a bottle of something new (OMG, SO. MUCH. BOOZE.  C’mon Pennsylvania, get a better variety in your liquor stores!) then stopped at a mediocre Mexican restaurant that had “levels” of margaritas that you could purchase.


I think Aaron wants a Level Eleven Margarita.


We made it to our hotel in Concord and settled down for the night, for my graduation was tomorrow and I was very nervous!

We got up early the next morning and went to Target to grab some supplies.  Afterwards, we headed into Concord to find a good cup of coffee and to explore the city a bit.  White Mountain Gourmet Coffee makes a great cup and they have some a cute shop with tons of coffee for sale!

Some photos from Concord and our delicious lunch at The Barley House Tavern.


Graduation wasn’t that bad, if you count having to stand for 3 hours straight while waiting for the actual event to begin.  Then speeches, blah, blah, blah.  It was a pretty nice event, but we got outta there after my name was called. (2000 + students-ain’t nobody got time to hear all of dat!) I’ll be adding an image of me all smart looking later.

The next morning we left for Maine.  We were very excited to add this state to our list and to visit Acadia National Park!


Passing through the quaint town of Ogunquit, Maine we had our first taste of what the coast up there would look like.  It did not disappoint!


We also came across some of the best coffee at Backyard Coffeehouse and Eatery  that we have had (and didn’t even see until we were turning around to leave a gas station) in quite some time!  Too bad we weren’t hungry because the food there smelled and looked delicious!


Our first stop was Portland.  We saw several lighthouses, beautiful homes and coastline and ate lunch at Nonesuch River Brewing  It was Mothers Day, so the service was a bit slow, but the food was excellent and we sampled three beers which we liked very much.

Bug Lighthouse:

Bug Light 2

Spring Ledge:

Spring Ledge Light 1

We also walked for awhile around Portland’s Eastern Promenade Trail Highly recommend this easy hike if you ever visit Portland!


Early Monday morning, we set out for Acadia National Park.  We were in no hurry and enjoyed the small towns that dotted the Maine coastline.  One of our favorite stops was Camden, Maine.  We had lunch at Sea Dog Brewing Company and checked out some of the local shops.  My husband and I would love to spend a lot more time here next time we come through.

img_6696img_6698img_6700img_6702img_6703 img_670719e5f293-7679-41ce-91a6-377cefc7ecc1

As we made our way up the coast, we made pit stops at some famous lighthouses along the way.  Fans of the film, “Forrest Gump” should recognize Marshall Point Lighthouse in one of the scenes where he just “felt like running.”

Marshall Point Lighthouse 5Marshall Point Lighthouse 3

Then onto Owls Head Lighthouse.  It was pretty chilly here as well.

Owl Head Light 2Owl Head Light 3Owl Head Light

Prospect Narrows Bridge

Prospect Bridge 1

Then finally, we made it to Bar Harbor!

We chose Edgewater Motel & Cottages to spend two wonderful days staying at so we could explore Acadia National Park.  The water was our front yard and although it was chilly, we left the door open so that we could enjoy the scenery.

Edgewater cabinsEdgewater cabins 7Edgewater cabins 1Edgewater cabins 3

The next day, we explored Acadia National Park.  Hitting up Cadillac Mountain and hiking Jordan Pond Trail. (P.S.-pack a lunch or you will end up spending $25 like we did on 2 sandwiches and god-awful coffee!)

AcadiaNPAcadiaNP2AcadiaNP8Jordan Pond 1Jordan Pond 3Jordan Pond 8Jordan Pond 9

We were tired after hiking the 3 + mile loop trail and headed into Bar Harbor for lunch.  After finding 3 hour parking, we walked down a short trail that led to the town pier that was took us down a very picturesque coastline.

We found lunch and more brews at Bar Harbor Beer Works where I had a decent lobster roll.  Then we strolled down main street and browsed some shops, even finding a new toy for Tanner at Bark Harbor!


In the pouring rain, we drove to the other side of the island to see the famous Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse  While I did not get a great photo of it, my husband bravely climbed down the rocks and got a great shot of it.  I’ll have to update this post once I get it from him. (But if you want to see it so badly, you can just use the old Googler and see lots of photos of it.)


^artsy-fartsy shot while I was awaiting Aaron’s return.

We went back to our cottage, had dinner and more brews and enjoyed the after the rain sunset.  It was incredibly beautiful.


We woke up the next morning, not wanting to leave.  We ate our cereal with pouts on our faces and packed up the car to head back to Pennsylvania.  See ya next time, Maine!

We drove towards New Hampshire again, cutting through the White Mountains.  Our destination for that night was Rutland, Vermont and it was going to be a long travel day again.  But the landscape made up for all of that boring highway driving.


Aaron mentioned that the landscape in Vermont reminded him of Idaho.  I couldn’t believe green it was and would love to spend more time in the Green Mountain State.  We found lunch at a truck stop named P & H Truckstop that had your typical diner food but was also very good.  We oogled over their bakery case and bought two cookies that we consumed later on that night in the hotel.  O.M.G.  So good! (No photos of those.  You’ll just have to stop there and pick some up for yourself!)



Thursday was a long travel day, taking us through some of upstate New York and back through Pennsylvania, north of Scranton.  We couldn’t wait to get home to see our puppy and chill out for a few days.  We cried happy tears when we picked up Tanner and gave him so many hugs and kisses that I think he doesn’t want anymore for quite some time.


He was sooooooo tired for days after he brought him back home.

I hoped you enjoyed reading this post.  And I cannot wait until our next adventure!(hopefully with puppy in tow)

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