via Daily Prompt: Crank

When I saw today’s daily prompt word, crank, it reminded me of how much of I’ve “cranked” out job applications since graduating in December.

At first, it sucked.  I really didn’t think that I was good enough because I wasn’t getting any responses.  I didn’t know whether or not I should contact the company and ask about the status of my application or just leave it alone.

Then I thought that I was just not good enough.  Of course, that doesn’t help crank out more applications so I slowed down.  It doesn’t help that the area that I live in doesn’t have an abundance of graphic design jobs.  I basically gave up after a month and wanted to stop looking.

Luckily, I have one of the best support systems in the world in the form of my awesome husband.  He encouraged me to keep my head up and something will come along when I least expect it, and that I am good enough. I also am constantly learning and keeping my mind fresh via design blogs, articles and YouTube videos.

I know that I am good enough and soon enough, someone will take a chance on me.

Until then, I’ll keep cranking out those applications and staying positive.

Thanks for reading!


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Freelance Graphic Designer based in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. I enjoy creating digital art, illustrations and photography. I also enjoy hiking, birding, cooking, reading, traveling and a nice bourbon or two.

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