Visiting the Colonel

I hate winter.  A lot.

So both my husband & I make ourselves get out of the house and go for hikes, even if we have to wear everything in our closets so we don’t freeze our buns off.

This is what happens when you live in warm climates for 7 years, then decide to move to the great frozen north.  We are slowly getting use to it again (we use to live in West Virginia, close enough) but we decided that the next move that we make, it’s going to be due south.


We decided to take the pup and head back to a Pennsylvania State Park that we haven’t been to in awhile, Colonel Denning State Park.


We decided to hike Doubling Gap Nature Trail, a 1 mile trail that started at the lake and ended at the lake.  Tanner was ready to go, smelling all the trees and trying to eat each thing that he found.

IMG_6361.jpg IMG_6362.jpg

^These were everywhere along the trail.  Although they were easy to walk on, Tanner didn’t seem to realize that there were openings between the boards and was constantly stepping into them.  What a dodo.


^Giving daddy kisses.  This is probably after having random nasty objects in his little puppy mouth.  Oh well, who can resist puppy kisses, other than horrible people that do not like puppies?


There are a few small hills that you have to go down (or up, depending on which way you start) but nothing too serious.


I’m smiling.  Seriously women, hurry up and take my photo.

IMG_6374.jpg B4305881-A277-4FCD-A5E5-C576E696B699.jpg IMG_6378.jpg

Please let me go!  I promise that I’m not clumsy and I won’t hurt myself!

puppy posing state park

At this point, he was ready to go home and didn’t want to pose for anymore photos.

With warming temps ahead, we are hoping to be able to get out more and take Tanner on even more adventures.  He loves being outdoors so much and is just starting to love going on car rides.

If only he would poop somewhere other than in our yard.

puppy riding home

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