Sun’s out, pup’s out


This winter has dragged forever here in Central Pennsylvania and Aaron & I were itching to go for a hike.  With the addition of our rescue pup, Tanner, to our little family back in February, we hadn’t really been anywhere to hike in the past two months.  With Tanner able to go on walks longer than 10 minutes now, and the temps being in the 60s, we decided to take advantage of this incredible weather and go for a refreshing hike in one of our favorite places-the woods.


We chose to head to Kings Gap Recreational and Educational Center, a Pennsylvania State Park about 15 minutes down the road from us.  You can read more about this well-preserved and beautiful state park HERE and if you are in the area, plan to stay awhile and enjoy it’s more than 20 miles of hiking trails.  We chose to hike the Watershed Trail, a loop trail runs beside of Kings Gap Hollow Run, with many pools and small waterfalls along the way.

Tanner had never been in the woods in his short life, so we were determined to not make a city dog out of him.  He immediately got out of the car and took in the many scents that exist in the forest. Who knows how many animals left him a “hello” on the forest floor and trees out there.

IMG_6267.jpgIMG_6265.jpg IMG_6298.jpg

Even though it was early spring, and the trees were still bare, the scenery and sounds were both stunning and relaxing.  Most of the trail runs along Kings Hollow Gap Run, with small waterfalls and cascades around every turn.  The water was crystal clear and Tanner enjoyed a few laps from it as we made our way on the trail.  There were a few downed trees that we had to hurdle and some rocks (that’s Rocksylvania for ya) but the trail was very easy to hike.  Perfect for out of shape people like us and novice puppy hikers such as Tanner.


Smile pretty for the camera!


After making a small elevation change, you begin to walk the boundary line between the state park and MICHAUX STATE FOREST.

IMG_6299.jpg IMG_6300.jpg IMG_6301.jpg IMG_6303.jpg IMG_6277.jpg IMG_6303.jpg

We came across some fresh bear tracks while walking through this section.  I guess Yogi was out looking for his picnic basket?

I would totally recommend hiking this trail if you want to take a nice, relaxing, easy hike through the woods. Dogs are allowed, but they have to be on a leash. I would not do this in the summer as the forest seemed like it would be pretty thick in some sections with overgrowth.

As for Tanner, he enjoyed his first hike but was doggone tired by the time we pulled into the driveway.


Until next time!


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