South Boston Virginia 2016

Our wanderlust is limited only by our free time and budget.  Because of this we sometimes struggle to find new destinations to explore.  We had been planning a trip to the beach in October, however Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc on North Carolina.  Our next option was to go to the mountains.  High prices and limited room availability squashed that idea.  Eventually we decided on a trip to South Boston Virginia.  We have traveled through this small town before, but had yet to explore it.

Berry Hill Resort and Conference Center

We chose to stay at the Berry Hill Resort, just outside of South Boston.  This 650 acre resort dates back to the 1700’s.  Upon arrival we checked in at the front desk and made our way to the room we had reserved.

Hallway leading to our room
Guest Room at Berry Hill Resort
Our beautiful room!

After we got settled into our room, we made our way to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner.  We’ve eaten at this spot in the past and knew the food and service were both very good.

Delicious margaritas!

If you travel to South Boston, I highly recommend Mexico Viejo!  After returning to the resort, we began to explore Berry Hill.

Berry Hill Resort
Outside view of the hotel
Berry Hill Resort
Some of the beautiful gardens
Indoor Pool
We forgot our bathing suits!
Who doesn’t love an old rustic barn like this?
South Boston Virginia Resort
It’s no wonder why they host so many weddings here!
Decaying stone structure
There are many remnants like this around the resort.
Boat House and Lake
Just before dark we found this boat house and beautiful little lake.

As darkness fell we made our way back to our room.  We relaxed the rest of the evening watching some television and eventually falling asleep.

Wooded trail
We started the next morning off with a nice hike.
Rustic barn
A rustic old barn we found along the hike.
Relics of a slave house
The remnants of a two story slave house.
The Richmond and Danville Rail-Trail
At the end of our hike we found this trail which used to be railroad tracks.  It’s called the Richmond and Danville Rail-Trail.  Would love to bike the entire length of this trail!

After our morning hike we had our morning coffee and some breakfast.  Ashley enjoys doing research prior to our trips.  She had picked out several places around South Boston for us to visit.  We started off with a visit to their local museum.

Halifax County Museum of Fine Arts and History in South Boston Virginia

Museum in South Boston Virginia
This museum told the story of South Boston and the surrounding area.

Roadside Attraction

Hand made sculptures
This field was full of very interesting hand made sculptures and some farm animals. It is on private property, so we had to view it from the road.

Staunton River Battlefield State Park

Historical marker
Historical marker at Staunton River Battlefield State Park.
Staunton River Battlefield State Park
The site of this bridge was of key importance during the Civil War.

High Bridge Trail State Park

High Bridge Trail State Park
I’ve been wanting to visit High Bridge Trail State Park ever since I saw pictures of it online. We were not disappointed by the amazing views!
High Bridge Trail State Park
One of the views of the bridge.

After we visited High Bridge Trail State Park, we found a nearby restaurant and had dinner.  Neither of us felt like making the 200 mile trip home, so we ended up staying another night in South Boston Virginia.

Bowman Brothers Bourbon
Since we were in Virginia it seemed necessary to try Bowman Brothers Bourbon. We both liked it a lot!

In conclusion, our trip to South Boston Virginia was awesome!  There are lots of great places to explore in Virginia, and we certainly aren’t done!

For more photos from our trip, you can view the full gallery HERE.

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