Greensboro NC RV Show 2016

We’ve been trying to decide what kind of RV will be a good fit for us when we start full timing.  Visiting the local RV dealers has helped, but there are still a lot of RV’s we haven’t seen in person yet.  After doing some research we decided to attend the Greensboro NC RV Show.

RV Show
Greensboro NC RV Show

Not wanting to drive to and from the show in the same day, we decided to camp.  Still trying to fulfill our goal of visiting all 41 North Carolina State Parks, we tried and failed to find one to camp at for this trip. We found a local county park that was close to the show and reserved a spot.  Arriving at Hagan-Stone park late in the afternoon, we quickly began setting up our Coleman tent.

Coleman Tent
Setting up our tent in Hagan-Stone Park

The tent pad was small and barely accommodated our Coleman tent.  After our tent was set up, we started to explore the park.    Near the park office we took a short hike and found a beautiful little lake.

Lake at Hagan-Stone Park
We sat by this lake and enjoyed the view

Hagan-Stone park also has an area for RV camping, so we decided to check out the RV’s.

RV with Halloween decorations
This RV had some amazing Halloween decorations!

Dinner consisted of chili dogs made on our new Coleman grill.  This was our first time using this grill, and it worked wonderfully!  The controls are a little tricky so you have to be careful the grill doesn’t get too hot though.  To purchase, click HERE.

Coleman camp grill
Cooking chili dogs on our new grill!

It was a chilly overcast evening, perfect for a campfire.  A mix-up with our campsite resulted in us getting free firewood!

Relaxing by the campfire

Mesmerizing sounds of rain hitting the tent lulled us to sleep.  Hurricane Matthew had begun to spread rain into the area as we slept.  Our Coleman tent kept us warm and dry all night though.  You can read more about our wonderful tent HERE.

The rain prevented us from making coffee on our grill the next morning.  We quickly searched Yelp for a good place to get some breakfast and coffee.  Great reviews led us to Scrambled Southern Diner.

Scrambled Southern Diner
Nice wall art!
Nothing like a good cup of coffee on a cold rainy day!
Green eggs and ham
Delicious breakfast with chorizo, scallions, queso fresco, salsa verde, chili lime crema

The restaurant was awesome, and featured North Carolina products throughout the menu.  After breakfast we found the Greensboro NC RV Show was only a short drive away at the coliseum.  We purchased our tickets and started looking at RV’s right away.  There were over 100 RV’s at the show, but most were larger than we wanted and out of our price range.

Super C RV
I love the seats in this Super C RV!
Greensboro NC RV Show
Adorable Tear Drop Camper

We’ve been trying to decide between a Class C RV and a travel trailer.  Winnebago makes some nice travel trailers that we like, but we’re leaning more towards a Class C.

Greensboro NC RV show
We loved the size and layout of this RV!

While not as large as other shows, the Greensboro NC RV show was well worth the money.  Ashley and I both are leaning heavily towards a small Class C RV.  We had planned to camp for two nights, but because of Hurricane Matthew we cut our trip short and headed home.

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